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    I have been in the field of educational technology since 1988. I began as a computer teacher for Futurekids Inc. in Los Angeles. Soon after, I purchased one of their first franchises, which I operated for three years. In 1997, I began Computing for Kids, a computer enrichment program for young children, which operates in local private schools in Southern California. I earned a Master’s degree in educational technology in 2008 and for the past four years, I have served as the technology specialist at a private elementary school, teaching students in grades 1 – 5 in a computer lab setting.

    My goal with this blog is to provide elementary classroom teachers with Internet resources that will enhance their curriculum. Some websites are very simple to integrate into a lesson, and others require a more thorough approach. But there is something for every level of comfort with technology.

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Educational Videos for Elementary Students

Posted by Computing for Kids on September 28, 2010

Students don’t all learn in the same way.  Some learn best by seeing, others by hearing, and others doing.  So while some students will only need to read something to understand it, others may need to see it in action to fully comprehend the meaning.  Many students will benefit from watching videos on subjects they are learning in class.  But for them to be effective, these videos must be engaging.  Below are some of the sites that offer educational videos for students.  And best of all, unlike You Tube, they don’t have any inappropriate content!

Watch Know Videos has over 15,000 videos on a huge variety of subjects.  You can select the exact age of your students and the subject you are looking for and you will get a list of videos that match your request.

Brain Pop has to be one of the best sites out there for educational videos.  The short movies are engaging, funny and best of all, kids just love them.  Many of the videos are free, although most require that you purchase an account, which is $195 for one year for classroom use, $595 for a media lab, and $995 for an entire school. There is also Brain Pop Jr., which is geared towards grades K-3 students.

Neo K-12 is anther site with loads of educational videos for students in elementary through high school.  These may not be as engaging as some of the other sites, but the lessons are thorough and well done.   Students can take a quiz on many of the subjects to see how well they learned the material.  This site also offers fun problem solving games.

Meet Me at the Corner is a wonderful site that is more than just subject videos.  Students step into a time and place in history as they  journey on a virtual field trip.  Students can learn about such topics as the history of pizza, life as a zookeeper, or the history of the banjo.  For more virtual field trip sites, click Here.

Math Live is perfect for students who have a difficult time understanding math concepts.  By incorporating interesting characters and engaging stories, students learn by watching. The fun factor is similar to that of Brain Pop.  Once reluctant students may come to enjoy learning math!

Science Kids has everything students need to know about science.  It includes lessons, games, quizzes, photos and videos.  The videos brings science concepts to life as students see science in action.


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