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    I have been in the field of educational technology since 1988. I began as a computer teacher for Futurekids Inc. in Los Angeles. Soon after, I purchased one of their first franchises, which I operated for three years. In 1997, I began Computing for Kids, a computer enrichment program for young children, which operates in local private schools in Southern California. I earned a Master’s degree in educational technology in 2008 and for the past four years, I have served as the technology specialist at a private elementary school, teaching students in grades 1 – 5 in a computer lab setting.

    My goal with this blog is to provide elementary classroom teachers with Internet resources that will enhance their curriculum. Some websites are very simple to integrate into a lesson, and others require a more thorough approach. But there is something for every level of comfort with technology.

    Please let me know what you think!

Professional Development Opportunities

Posted by Computing for Kids on September 30, 2010

Since 2006, the K-12 Online Conference has provided opportunities for free, collaborative professional learning for educators around the world.  The K-12 Online Conference invites participation from educators interested in innovative ways Web 2.0 tools and technologies can be used to improve learning. This FREE conference is run by volunteers and open to everyone.  The conference will begin on October 11, 2010.  They have a wiki and a blog with more information.  This is a wonderful opportunity for teachers interested in learning new and innovative teaching methods.  You can participate in a live discussion right from your desktop or view archived webinars on a topic of your choosing.

Cyber Summit, hosted by We are Teachers(an online community for teachers), is a conference that will be held from September 20 to October 5, 2010 and will focus on 21st Century Readiness.  There will be live webinars and events where you can participate in the conversation.  Or if you prefer, you can view a recorded presentation of each webinar once they are complete.

Tapped In describes itself as “the online workplace of an international community of education professionals”.  This is an online community of educators, librarians, administrators, as well as university faculty, students, and researchers with the purpose of sharing resources, collaborating, and supporting one another.

PBS Teachline offers more than 130 graduate level courses for educators covering most subject areas: Reading/Language Arts, Math,  Technology, Instructional Strategies, and Science.  Most of their classes are 30 hours and offer opportunities to earn graduate credits.   You can also check with your local school district to see if the courses will count  towards professional development points or continuing education units.  Unfortunately, these courses are not free, with most courses priced at about $200.

The Discovery Education Network will host a Virtual Conference this fall.  This is a free professional development event where educators can learn more about integrating technology into their instruction and collaborating with others to improve student achievement.  You can attend in person at one of their regional events or participate online.  They have the webinar topics posted, which begin September 30th and go through December.  Some of the upcoming events are on such topics as Making Multimedia Magic and Solving the Mysteries of the Sky with Science, Math, and Technology.

Teacher Tap is a free, professional development resource whose mission is the help teachers integrate technology in their teaching by providing practical online resources and lessons.  It includes links to educational websites, collaborative projects, lessons and activities, and technology tools.

Annenberg Media professional development offers workshops and classes for teachers to strengthen their professional development.  These professional development opportunities cover specific subject areas and grade levels, so you can choose what is most appropriate for you and your students.

Thinkfinity offers professional development both online and in person.  The online webinars are available anytime from the convenience of your home, while  local courses are offered throughout the country.  Best of all, both are free!  Thinkfinity professional development includes an emphasis on effective integration of its resources into the K-12 curriculum to enhance student learning.

Edutopia has free instructional modules for teachers that include articles, videos, PowerPoint presentations, and class activities. These modules are based upon their archives of best practices and correlate with ISTE/NETS standards.  These modules include technology integration, project based learning, and assessment.

Computer Using Educators (CUE), “provides leadership and support to advance student achievement in the educational technology community”. CUE offers a variety of activities for its members and public at large; on site professional development, the largest annual educational technology conference in California, and produce the Google Teacher Academy and Educator Academy at MacWorld.


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